Jul 112018
Skeeled, when recruitment becomes more digital

We interviewed alumni Mike Reiffers (Luxembourg) about his experience launching a business after graduation from EADA’s International Master in Management. Mike co-founded skeeled with classmate Nicolas Speeckaert (Belgium), and they are currently equal managing partners, managing the company, its operations and its teams in Luxembourg, Brussels and Porto. Can you tell us a bit about […]

Apr 062018
Fostering entrepreneurship & innovation through extracurricular activities

Barcelona is currently one of the top Entrepreneurial Hubs in Europe, you can get a glimpse of all the activity either through Barcinno or Silicon Valley Barcelona, both are alumni promoted news sources to track entrepreneurial and innovation news in the city. To enrich our participants experience and to connect them with the players of […]

Dec 042017
EADA Community Blockchain Event

There is no doubt that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have been a hot topic lately. In November, EADA had the pleasure of hosting a talk by Marc Wolenik, entrepreneur, speaker and author with extensive experience in Distributed Ledger Technologies. The Bitcoin enthusiast gave a presentation on Blockchain, the technology underlying the emergence of cryptocurrencies. Wolenik’s presentation […]

Jun 022017
From EADA to the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona

  Two years ago, five participants from the International Master in Management spent seven months developing a business plan for the startup ProtoPixel for their final project. Protopixel is an interactive design studio specialised in powerful and easy to use lighting control technologies. The group was put in contact with the company through a collaborative […]

Jun 012017
Start-up ProtoPixel at Primavera Sound concert thanks to collaboration with EADA

The Barcelona-based start-up ProtoPixel has designed the lighting technology for the first intelligent stage at this year’s Primavera Sound, scheduled to take place from June 1 to 3. The stage includes over 260 metres of LED lighting that transforms automatically in real time according to the beat, the time of day and the size of […]

Mar 282017
EADA MiM Students Create Business Plans for Entrepreneurs

Many technology-based business projects are left on the shelf in the hope that someday they will be converted into startups. The main obstacle is not the business idea because in the majority of cases we are dealing with innovative projects that could entail a significant innovation in the scientific field. What entrepreneurs lack is the […]

May 242016
Local citizens and entrepreneurs lead the transformation of cities

In the few months that Dr. Boyd Cohen has been in Barcelona, he has convinced several international leaders to set up the world’s first responsible sharing economy accelerator for startups. This marks yet another step in his successful career dedicated to teaching and research in subjects such as smart cities, entrepreneurship and the sustainable sharing […]