May 312016
Ten skills of a leader-coach

Many articles have been written on leadership and coaching as separate disciplines, presenting guidelines for fostering people’s development within organisations. Leadership based on coaching starts with an eminently inductive approach whereby the leader-coach accompanies the collaborator in exploring and finding their own answers in order to determine and direct their improvement process. The positive repercussions […]

May 232016
Leaders versus managers: People before numbers

Leaders or managers? Although both figures are essential in a company, they are two completely different concepts, which often leads to confusion. In general, managers are oriented towards results, to achieving pre-set goals and objectives as quickly as possible. Leadership, on the other hand, entails much more than the simple management of a company: a […]

May 232016
Leadership & Motivation: Giving orders isn’t the same as motivating

Do we need to arrive at work already motivated for the day ahead? This would be ideal, as both the workers and the company would stand to win. However, the reality is quite different, as a large number of people are demotivated by their job. The reasons for this lack of motivation may range from […]

Apr 112016
Quiet Leadership: The science and praxis of neuroleadership

The exponential growth of the broad field of neuroscience in the past two decades has resulted in a body of knowledge based on empirical neuroscientific research that seeks to understand how the human brain works. NeuroLeadership is the multidisciplinary and multilevel study (neurological, psychological, sociological and organisational) and practice of organisational leadership and interpersonal and […]