Mar 232018
EADA ´s International MBA Paths of Development

As a generalist degree, the core of the MBA programme provides a broad overview of all key functional areas related to the management of organisations and people. Upon the completion of this core introduction, participants have the chance to delve deeper into the functional area of their interest. The EADA MBA provides an opportunity to […]

Jan 242018
LiveSharing- First coliving for entrepreneurs in Argentina

Guillermo Bonora and Jason Zagdañski, architects by profession, decided to give up their work in Buenos Aires and head for Barcelona to take the International MBAat EADA Business School. This experience consisted of a break away from their pre-established mindset  and prompted them to transfer their creativity from designing scale models to creating a new […]

Jan 082018
The MBA deepened my knowledge in all the areas and functions of a business

We met up with International MBA alumnus Iván Alvarez Holmann in his home country of Nicaragua. Iván attended university in the United States, where he also began his professional career. After completing his International MBA in Europe, Iván returned to Nicaragua to join the Mercon Coffee Group as Business Development Manager. The MBA helped Iván […]