Dec 312012

During the past academic year, EADA students have taken part in several international competitions.

The EADA International Master in Marketing programme not only offers its participants personal and professional growth within the school, but through its collaboration with various international projects participants can take part in challenges that thrust them into intense areas of creativity, collaboration and competition.

Imagine Programme 2012, Silicon Valley

Imagine is a center which proposes ‘Solutions to change the world’ to problems that are taken on by a multidisciplinary team. Imagine 2012 consists of twelve talented participants coming together to form a team that will develop four in-depth disruptive projects. EADA, as ‘Dreamer Partner’, has a successful candidate taking part in work over one month in Silicon Valley, an experience that changes the lives of those participants while at the same time contributes to finding solutions to make the world a better place.

Marta Argelagos, spanish alumni of the International Master in Marketing,  had the oportunity to participate at Imagine and after this programme, she was inmediately hired by Danone.

Google Challenge Project

The competition organized by Google is a world-wide challenge based on online marketing that acts as a practical exercise for students or graduates. The aim of the competition is that the students learn to create an effective online publicity campaign of Google AdWords. It has more than 50,000 participants from 10 countries world-wide, with prizes for both regional and international winners.

Henkel International Challenge

Students from all backgrounds are invited to present innovative business development ideas in teams of two. Ideas are focused on one of the company’s 6 sustainable development focal areas, aimed at “achieving more” value for the business and stakeholders “with less”, at a reduced ecological footprint. The finalists of each country are offered guidance by a mentor from Henkel Management.

L’Oreal Reveal Programme

L’Oreal Reveal is a revolutionary online Business Game that immerses its participants in the development and bringing to market of a new product. Players take part individually and are encouraged to discover their strengths to help them orientate themselves professionally. Recruiters keep a sharp eye on the best performing players at different points of the processes, while the best overall players will be able to compete for a prize.

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