Jul 052013

It’s all good news for the 3-Michelin starred restaurant El Celler de Can Roca.

El Cellar, which began appearing in rankings of the top 50 restaurants worldwide just eight years ago, today holds the number one spot, surpassing past winner and favourite Noma. An incredible accomplishment, especially considering how difficult it is to have businesses run extremely well by a trio of managers. The way I see it, El Celler de Can Roca is to the present culinary industry what Barça is to football.

I dare to make this comparison because of the impressions I have received from our yearly visits to this fantastic operation. El Celler, like Barça, is the union of expertise, knowledge and brilliance, with every member contributing his or her best to the team’s success. Hard, honest, creative and passionate work is the key to El Celler’s success. And, like Barça, they don’t brag about it.

If I had to identify the Roca brothers’ most unique trait, their humbleness definitely comes to mind. In El Celler, like in Barça, those who produce the sequence of marvellous results are people of incredible humanity and humility. During each one of our visits to this factory of culinary dreams, one of the Roca brothers himself has been our host and our guide, patiently and passionately showing the ins and outs of the kitchen, cellar and dining room.

That is the way they are generous! I have heard them consistently and sincerely share their vision and also their difficulties, challenges and successes. They are down-to-earth, natural, passionate risk takers.

Of course, I am very happy about their success, as they deserve it! As for us, I am very happy that, year after year, we have been able to enter their world of excellence and leave inspired to achieve our own goals!

Mireia Montané

Director, International Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management

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