Nov 042013

Traditionally, local EADA Alumni organise an activity once a year in Germany. It is also traditional to invite friends from all over Europe to join the meeting. This year, that brought attendees from Spain, Ireland, Bolivia, Guatemala, Russia, Colombia, and, of course, every part of Germany. The meeting kicked off with a get-together at a Mexican restaurant on Friday, followed by the unique opportunity to drive SEGWAYs on Saturday, exploring the area bordering of the Rhine River.

History often seems boring and old-fashioned, but not at “Haus der Geschichte”, Germany’s most modern and interesting history museum, located in an area historically used by the German government for more than 50 years. Of course, after so many facts, figures and exhibits, participants were hungry and thirsty. Everybody was ready for a few beers and traditional German food at the BOENNSCH restaurant and home brewery, situated directly in the historical area of Bonn.

After a nice joint breakfast on Sunday, participants started back home, having met up with old friends but also having made new contacts and experienced a great weekend.

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