Dec 122013

In December, the CFA Institute reaffirmed its commitment to the programme partnership with EADA´s Master in Finance programmes. Nigel Hayes, the International Master in Finance programme director was pleased with the news. “We are very happy to reaffirm our status as a full programme partner with the CFA,” he said. “The process of re-accreditation allowed me to reflect on ways to develop our relationship with the CFA Institute. For EADA, apart from the benefit of being able to offer scholarships for the CFA exams, there are many additional advantages, e.g. on-line career fairs, webinars with Finance Nobel laureates and on-line courses to name just a few. The partnership also has advantages for the CFA including access to our increasingly diverse and dynamic finance participants, the potential to work together on research and expertise when reviewing additions to the CFA syllabus. We look forward to engaging regularly and increasingly with the CFA Institute.”

From a career perspective, this partnership sends an important signal to employers – by recruiting successful participants from EADA, you are guaranteed a level of expertise consistent with the very best professional qualifications available in the marketplace. Increasingly, companies are either insisting that employees are CFA charterholders or are on the path to becoming a charterholder. The following financial institutions are examples of companies that look for candidates who are pursuing the CFA exams: Banco Santander, BBVA, Blackrock, Barclays, JP Morgan, Standard Chartered and Goldman Sachs.

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