Dec 192013

Philipp Herz, International Master in Management 2012

International Master in Management alumnus Philipp Herz, currently working as an international tax and business development consultant at Deloitte, explains how EADA helped him change careers

The people at EADA (students, professors, staff) are definitely the highlight. You study in an environment with over 20 different nationalities. You learn from different cultures and you get to know your own country better because you can compare your way of living with other countries. It prepares you for your future job if you want to work in an international environment. Because of the EADA experience I was able to adapt fast to my international working environment at Deloitte. I came to EADA as a German and I left EADA as an international graduate. EADA helped me to change my career path. Before EADA I was a professional football player and I am working as a consultant at Deloitte now. I learned to get to know my weaknesses in a good way. During the lectures the professors and classmates challenged me to turn my weaknesses into opportunities and later into strengths. In addition, I was able to write my own story with the help of my team named the “Dream Team”. Even though we had ups and downs like in a real family, we won the award for the Best Management Group Project 2012. Furthermore, I graduated as the Best Management Student 2012 because of my team and classmates. I was so motivated during the whole year because I felt at home. I would like to say thank you to my classmates and EADA staff. I would especially like to thank my parents because they gave me the opportunity to study in Barcelona.

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