May 052014

EADAPart of the reason why I chose EADA was because it is based on a practical methodology not a theoretical one like in my previous Master of Arts. I knew there would be no dissertation thesis based on online research and hours spent in the middle of a pile of books at the library, which I tried to avoid at all costs. Instead I expected projects, field research and group work which would give me the skills I still hadn’t acquired or mastered properly.

It lived up to expectation! My group and I are now half way through our marketing plan (due for the second week of June) and all I think and dream off are ideas, plans, surveys, and graphs related to our project (which I admit I often complain about, but deep down it’s our baby and each step forward is a victory). We have built a group, we have chosen the company and we have worked together on every step of this plan. Seeing the project near completion is an amazing feeling for two reasons. Firstly because we got there all on our own, we are responsible for every decision we make. It’s the first time that I have created a marketing plan from scratch and our project is on the edge of actually being viable and breaking even during the first year. Secondly because the company we are developing the plan for is actually planning on implementing it and that is rewarding. The CEO we have been in touch with though out this academic year and who has helped us has also agreed on come to the final presentation along with the jury.

I wanted a taste of real life in a company and I got it.

Written by M.S,  current student at the International Máster in Marketing


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