Jan 122015

International – MBA Part Time alumnus Alfredo Montilla shares his experience at EADA and the impact it had on his career. Alfredo currently works at McKinsey &Company as a strategic consultant.


Alfredo Montilla, International MBA-Part TimeHow would you define yourself personally and professionally?

I’m always looking for new challenges and learning opportunities.

Why did you decide to do an MBA? What were your goals?

I graduated in computer engineering, and found, like many of my classmates at EADA, that my degree was very technical. I have always been interested in the business world, since the university years. Before I came to EADA, the idea of  doing an MBA to complement my technical background was going around my mind for quite a while.

From the very beginning of my career, while working as a computer analyst, I was really interested in an executive path for my career. When I had the necessary experience and the opportunity, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that I should pursue an MBA

Why did you choose EADA? What attracted you to the programme/school?

EADA met my main requirement of being a prestigious business school recognised on a national and European level. I also liked the international student body and the ideological independence of the school.

I made my final decision after having EADA’s MBA recommended by several managers at my previous place of employment.

What were the highlights of the MBA for you?

Without a doubt, the personal development. The MBA opens your eyes and mind in a way that allows you to see opportunities that you could never have seen before.

Of course, the professional development that you receive is also excellent, as expected in a school of this level.

Do you have any specific story you would like to share?

The MBA is a very intense year and a half of positive changes as well as a lot of pressure. Your classmates become part of your family.

The “stories” that I take away from EADA are related to my weekends in the Residential Training Centre in Collbató. In Collbató, I had a great time with classmates, inside and outside of class.

Can you explain a bit about your career before and after the MBA? 

When I started the programme, I was 27 years old and working as a CRM project manager in one of the biggest insurance companies in Spain.

Now I am 29, and right after finishing the MBA, I had the opportunity to join McKinsey & Company as  an associate consultant.

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