Feb 192015

Argentinian Maria Florencia Magistocchi shares her experience in the EADA-Residential Training Centre modules. Maria has a degree in Administration and Finance and 4 years of work experience.

Maria Florencia Magistocchi , International MBA 2015

Maria Florencia Magistocchi , EADA’s International MBA 2015

The personal development modules focused on leadership have taught me the importance of identifying a clear objective when getting to know and leading a team. I have also learned that it is crucial that all team members are well-informed and committed. Communication is key to organising groups effectively and ensuring that all members are working towards the same goal. A common mistake is assuming that everyone understands information in the same way.

Overall, my experience in the EADA-Residential Training Centre was a positive one. As we are physically and mentally separated from the day-to-day activities of Barcelona, we can focus on analysing ourselves and improving in the focus areas:

– Communication

– Negotiation

– Leading groups

– Leading organisations

The modules in the EADA-Residential Training Centre are very practical, giving us the opportunity to reflect individually as well as in groups. In the Centre, I was also able to meet participants from other Master programmes, expanding my networking opportunities within EADA.

Without a doubt, the modules in the Residential Training Centre have been essential to both my personal and professional development. These modules helped me identify things I could improve about myself and taught me how to go about making the improvements. The modules in the Residential Training Centre were crucial for me because I don’t think you can be a successful manager without good leadership skills.

Written by Ahmed Chakib Haouada, International MBA 2015

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