Apr 152015
Libby Graham

Libby Graham, Int. Master in Marketing Ambassador, Class of 2015

Being part of the EADA team and taking part in the exciting and challenging opportunities throughout the year that the EADA experience brings is amazing! As a Masters ambassador I feel in a very privileged position to be able to hear about the experiences and inspiring visions for the future from all levels within the school; from fellow students to departmental directors, and to see how they all fit together to create the tight-knit EADA team that really encourages and motivates everyone to seek out and achieve their career goals.

Furthermore, as a language graduate before joining EADA, I have also loved the experience gained from working closely with people from a whole host of different countries with all sorts of different cultural backgrounds and seeing the multitude of interesting cultural and linguistic differences, right through to the delicious new dishes and recipes I’ve had a chance to try along the way! It is from all these experiences that you learn even more from your fellow students and form friendships that really are for life, adding to the truly multifaceted experience that EADA offers.

From the days spent at the residential training centre in Collbató and the entertaining fortune cookie production-line teams in our Operations course to the interdisciplinary International Study Weeks, it is great to see how team-work and encouragement underpins everything, making EADA a great place not just to study in but also to feel at ease in and feel proud to be a part of!

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