Jun 172016

FT RANKINGEADA Business School is pleased to announce the results of the Masters in Finance Pre-experience 2016 Ranking. EADA’s International Master in Finance is among the top programmes in the Ranking, moving up 5 places from last year:

  • 19th Master in Finance in the world
  • 90% employed three months after graduation
  • 2nd in Careers Rank in the world with graduates working at companies such as PwC, Deloitte, KPMG, E&Y, IAG, Santander, Moodys, JP Morgan, BlackRock and Credit Suisse with an average salary of 69,000 USD$ (3 years after graduation)

The Financial Times bases its ranking on an in-depth study of programme quality, including factors such as the diversity in the classroom, salary range and positive career development of graduates, value for money evaluation, graduate satisfaction and the academic and professional background of faculty.

“Our position in the Ranking is a direct result of the continuous improvement of the International Master in Finance content and faculty. Our programme is constantly updated and adapted to the current international financial environment,” says Jaume Bonet, Director of the International Master in Finance at EADA. “This is further demonstrated by our partnership with the CFA Institute, the leading global financial professional accreditation body.”

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