Jul 012016
Antony Poole,International Master in Marketing Programme Director

Antony Poole,International Master in Marketing Programme Director

The admission process is designed to identify candidates with certain skills and qualities or candidates who we believe have the ability to acquire those skills and qualities. Applicants are young potential executives, between 22 and 27 years old with up to 2 years of work experience.

The most important qualities in an International Master in Marketing candidate for EADA are:

Motivation and Commitment

An ideal candidate will be able to demonstrate that they are sufficiently motivated to successfully complete the programme. The Marketing programme is an intense period of study and you will be expected to devote around 8 hours a day to fulfil your obligations. Much of the work during the programme will be done in teams and you will be required to show your commitment to the success of the teams you work in. For more ambitious participants, this is an excellent opportunity to develop your team leadership skills.

Desire for Growth

Our principal goal is to help our participants grow, both academically and professionally. During the admission process, you will have to demonstrate that you are able to analyse, synthesise, conceptualise, and to develop a cogent argument. In addition, you will have to show that you are open-minded and adaptable.

Management Orientation

We view Marketing as one of the key disciplines that allow companies to build a sustainable competitive position. The programme requires you to build a solid understanding of other key business areas and the quantitative and qualitative tools that support managerial decision-making. You will need to show your ability and desire to develop the critical thinking skills to be effective in marketing management.

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