Jun 012017
One of many interactive lighting experience designed by ProtoPixel.

One of many interactive lighting experience designed by ProtoPixel.

The Barcelona-based start-up ProtoPixel has designed the lighting technology for the first intelligent stage at this year’s Primavera Sound, scheduled to take place from June 1 to 3. The stage includes over 260 metres of LED lighting that transforms automatically in real time according to the beat, the time of day and the size of the audience to create a unique viewing experience.

ProtoPixel was founded by four former university classmates, and currently has approximately a dozen employees. A team of students from EADA’s International Master in Management 2014-2015 worked with ProtoPixel to develop the business plan for the company, which was launched in 2015. The plan effectively identified the business opportunities and formulated a strategy and implementation process for the new product. “The business plan was very important because we could make a study of the product’s viability and evaluate the market,” says co-founder and managing partner Sebastián Mealla. “It provided the infrastructure that allowed us to launch the platform.”

The project was carried out in collaboration with ACCIÓ, the local governmental body in charge of promoting competitiveness in companies through innovation and internationalisation. Each year, Master in Management participants have the opportunity to work as consultants in real companies through the MAP (Market Assessment Program), which connects tech start-ups with EADA students.

The team that created the business plan was made up of Elif Baloglu (Switzerland), Tatiana Boltiansky (Argentina), Marco Borgoglio (Italy), Mostafa El-Menshawy (Egypt) and Christoph Stamm (Germany). In addition to the proposed business model, the comprehensive plan included initial investment recommendations as well as an analysis of the global lighting market and the industry lifecycle. Team members recognised early on that ProtoPixel’s product would “disrupt the lighting design industry”.

Find out more about the revolutionary technology of ProtoPixel here: https://vimeo.com/183660819

(Portions of this article were previously published on VilaWeb: https://goo.gl/CcQlZK)

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