Jun 292017
Ajay Shekhawat graduate of the International Master in Management programme, 2017.

Ajay Shekhawat graduate of the International Master in Management programme, 2017.

Indian participant Ajay Shekhawat is finishing up his classes in the International Master in Management this month before presenting his final project. We asked him to share his opinion about the highlights of the programme.


As an Indian candidate, the first thing that attracted me to EADA was the chance to meet and work with people from all over the world. Diversity provides an amazing opportunity to learn about different cultures. This experience is particularly important for graduates who plan to work in a multinational or in any international environment.


The teaching methodology at EADA focuses on practical learning, is a new experience for most Indian students, as our educational system is mainly based on theoretical learning. The business cases in EADA were an easy and efficient way to introduce concepts and acquire knowledge about a new real company everyday.


EADA provided me with a global outlook on business problems. I now understand how different markets and industries work around the world and how companies use these concepts to globalise and diversify. I can definitely use this knowledge in my professional career after graduation.


EADA stands out for its drive to promote entrepreneurs. In India, start-ups have been on the increase, which makes the programme especially interesting for Indian candidates. Seminars and conferences throughout the year allowed me to meet entrepreneurs personally in the start-up hub of Barcelona.


The chance to study in the center of an amazing city like Barcelona is something that no one should pass up. Barcelona never fails to amaze me: the beauty, the people, the culture.


Ajay Raj Shekhawat is a former entrepreneur and IT engineer and is currently completing the International Master in Management at EADA. He worked in strategy and management consulting in a private firm before co-founding a start-up in the education industry.

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  1. Sir, I got into MiM course for the 2017 fall session, I had some doubts and would like to talk to you, can you please share your contact details. Thank you

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