Sep 122017
EADA’s Master in Management (MiM), among the best masters worldwide in 2017

EADA’s Master in Management (MiM), among the best masters worldwide in 2017

EADA’s Master in Management remains among the world’s Top 40 best programmes (position 37), according to the recently ‘Financial Times Global Masters in Management 2017 Ranking’. EADA’s Master in Management targets recent graduates and has been designed to help them make the leap into the business world.

The classification of the ‘Financial Times Ranking’ management is established by analyzing the following parameters:

• Salary
• Career progress
• Employability three months after the end of the programme
• Cost of the programme
• Percentage of doctors among teachers
• Female presence

The growing globalization and the increase of new international players – the sample already includes 95 schools – show the growing competitiveness that exists among business schools around the world to appear in this prestigious ranking.

To the Associate Dean of Programmes and International Relations at EADA, Jordi Díaz, “it is not only remarkable that EADA Business School remains in a privileged position in the ranking, but also the high percentage of participants employability at the end of the program”. In his opinion, “it is so gratifying to see that 94% of our students get a job 3 months later of undertaking the programme”. Apart from this, Díaz highlights two more facts: “On one hand, the degree of satisfaction with their initial objectives reaches excellence (90%) and, on the other hand, the average remuneration improvement compared to last year”.

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