Mar 082018

International Master in Marketing Alumna Dorota came to EADA to share her experience at Saatchi & Saatchi.

We talked to EADA alumna Dorota Szablisty from the International Master in Marketing class of 2012. Dorota is a social psychologist with a passion for marketing and brand communications. After graduating from EADA in 2012, she worked on both the agency and the client side for Procter & Gamble. She currently works at Saatchi & Saatchi in Budapest and holds the dual position of Global Associate Digital Director for Fabric Care Brands and Digital Strategy Team Lead.

This week Dorota came to EADA to present the professional opportunities available at Saatchi & Saatchi to this year’s participants.

Tell us a bit about your professional journey since graduation.

In my current position, my main responsibility focuses on creating digital amplification for 360 campaigns executed across various regions. However, my adventure with the advertising industry and P&G began with eCommerce, and it’s still an area that I have a lot of passion for. That’s why in parallel to my main responsibilities, I continue as a lead strategist for eCommerce executions for various brands for the North American market.

While I am based in Budapest, my role requires a lot of travel, so I split my time across the United Kingdom, Switzerland and the U.S., where I develop and maintain relationships with my client as well as the partner agencies that we work with.

How has EADA helped you in your professional career?

EADA helped my career in two ways.  First of all, as an internationally recognised institution, it opens doors for employment in multinationals that have a tendency to hire alumni from particular schools (like EADA). The fact that EADA uses the Harvard case study methodology is of interest to these companies, as they believe that this way of teaching is more practical, and gives graduates a much better idea of what they will encounter in the workplace.

Secondly, EADA’s approach combined with the experience and knowledge I gained helped me become more confident in my own skills. I graduated feeling well equipped for working in an international business setting and executing my marketing expertise, which then translated into my work performance and attitude.

How do you think EADA’s focus on critical thinking skills has been useful in your current position?

The teamwork culture and leadership training at EADA proved invaluable when working on both the client and the agency side. When looking for talent for my own team, I always look for profiles that are similar to those of EADA students: people who really have that hunger and are always one step ahead. We always say that we look for people, not positions. We look for the type of people who excel in strategic thinking with outstanding project ownership, and who are driven by a collaborative spirit. Those are the same skills that we mastered at EADA every single day.

What would you highlight about EADA’s International Master in Marketing?

Even 7 years after graduation, I often think of my EADA experience with very fond memories. While it was a very demanding year of my life –packed with challenges, areas for development, the hurdles of managing individual differences under tight deadlines– it was an unforgettable experience that really threw me into the real business world.

On a certain level, activities that you do in EADA are quite similar to those you do on a day-to-day basis in any business. Of course, you can always acquire the skills that you learn at EADA in the workplace, but learning, practicing and, without a doubt, failing from time to time, is much more stressful and has higher risks in a business environment.  I had a strong foundation of both leadership and presentation skills when I graduated from EADA, and this strength was very clear to my employer from my first day on the job.

Last, but not least, EADA provides great networking opportunities. Currently, my classmates are managing brands in Fortune 500 companies around the world and makes great connections that are here to stay. I even work in the same office with one of my group members from my final project, which is a great pleasure, and a lovely reminder of the right decision I made when I chose EADA.

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