Mar 092018

CFA Research Challenge 2018 Top 3 finalists: Gerardo Palacios, Niklas Wronka, Kunal Talwar, Teo Širola and Valentina Matas with International Master in Finance programme director- Mr. Jaume Bonet

On March 8, the final of the Spanish division of the CFA Research Challenge competition was held at the Madrid Stock Exchange, where EADA’s team took third place. EADA has consistently made it to the finals since beginning to compete in the Challenge.

In the CFA Research Challenge, participants from the best schools compete with the objective of compiling a professional analyst report of a publicly listed company (this year Indra). More than 15 teams competed for a place at the final in Madrid.

This year’s top placing team was made up of five participants from EADA’s International Master in Finance: Valentina Matas (Chile), Gerardo Palacios (El Salvador), Teo Sirola (Croatia), Kunal Talwar (India) and Niklas Wronka (Germany). The team was hand-picked in October and worked on the report from November until mid-February.

Last week, EADA’s team learned that it had passed on to the final in Madrid after months of hard work preparing the report. For Niklas, the technical knowledge of equity research reports was the highlight of the experience. For teammate Teo, the most valuable skill he gained was how to use different databases to find accurate, up-to-date information for assessing a company’s market and competitors.

The team is pleased to have placed among the top three schools in the final. “We worked extremely hard and we couldn’t be more proud of our work,” said Kunal. “The final in Madrid gave us a platform to learn from other business schools that provided a new perspective to valuing the same company.”

All of the members of EADA’s team wholeheartedly recommend participating in the CFA Research Challenge to future participants. “You have the opportunity to learn a lot from your team members, the technical knowledge is always a plus and, most importantly, you will have fun doing it,” says Gerardo.

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