Mar 192018

International Master in Marketing participants (2018) on their International Business trip to Amsterdam visiting Danone´s and Nike´s Headquarters

Travelling is one of the best ways to learn. This has never been truer if the reason for the trip is to learn about marketing at Nike or Danone or to experience growth hacking, one of the most popular trends in digital marketing, at one of the top startup hubs in Europe, Growth Tribe.  This is what the 54 participants of the EADA International Master’s in Marketing got to experience on their International Trip to Amsterdam, which adds two full days of activities to their already intense second trimester.

Amsterdam: the home of startups

As EADA programme director and International Trip organizer Antony Poole explains, “we chose Amsterdam for two reasons: firstly, we wanted to visit Growth Tribe, which is one of the top startup accelerators in Europe and where marketing and technology companies go to learn about growth hacking. Secondly, it gave us the chance to visit Nike’s European headquarters as well as talk to EADA Alumni who work in the marketing departments of global brands.

The first stop on the trip was at Growth Tribe which has become one of the top growth hacking academies in Europe. Participants received a master class in their digital marketing methodology which, according to Poole, “is currently being used by both startups and multinationals such as Procter & Gamble. This shows our Master’s students the importance of having a consolidated knowledge base in digital marketing to be able to keep on learning.

The use of continual learning as a way of working forms the basis of growth hacking. In the words of one of the co-founders of Growth Tribe, Peter van Sabben, “companies such as Google or Amazon didn’t become the companies they are today by only using strategy. They had to learn from their successes as well as their failures.

Ernie Voon- EMEA Marketing Brand Director at Nike

Danone and Nike: managing a global brand

During the International Trip, participants learnt about the challenges and objectives facing global brands from two EADA Alumni. Senior Global Brand Manager at Danone, Laurie Hottiaux gave an excellent presentation on how to manage a global brand. She also explained how her career has developed at Danone since studying an International Master’s in Marketing at EADA in 2010-11. Brand Marketing Finance Manager at Nike and EADA alumna Ona Gulbinaite also shared her valuable experience with the programme participants. She explained how her career has progressed after finishing her programme at EADA, the career choices she has made and the future career opportunities available to current students.

Ona Gulbinaite also gave participants a guided tour of the Nike headquarters where they saw the daily workings of the different Marketing departments. They also heard from the heads of the “Women” and “Football” marketing divisions and members of the digital marketing team who talked about the unique dynamic that exists at this multicultural and 100% creative company. According to Brand Director of Women’s Training WE, Annika Weickenmeier, “I’ve never heard anyone say that you’re taking an idea too far. No idea at Nike is too crazy.” Participants also found out how to apply for a Nike scholarship and received advice from members of the Nike new talent recruitment team.


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