Apr 062018

Barcelona is currently one of the top Entrepreneurial Hubs in Europe, you can get a glimpse of all the activity either through Barcinno or Silicon Valley Barcelona, both are alumni promoted news sources to track entrepreneurial and innovation news in the city.

To enrich our participants experience and to connect them with the players of this booming ecosystem, EADA Community has organised and promoted events during this second trimester focused on Entrepreneurship & Innovation.  Sessions have ranged from testimonial meetups, training workshops and access to world renowned events.

For example, one of the events that puts Barcelona on the map for entrepreneurship is the 4YFN – Four Years from now – , the startup business platform of the Mobile World Congress, where many of our Masters & MBAs enjoyed four full days of conferences and networking around the latest technologies and trends in the business scene. You can read their experience in the following link here.

From a training perspective, aside from the curricular courses of their programmes focused on entrepreneurship and innovation, participants have had the opportunity to mix with students from other programmes and participate in extracurricular workshops of the Lean Startup Methodology to learn how to test and validate the problem-solution fit of their business idea.

Among the testimonial events of this year, we had a Panel featuring Alberto Cabezas, Scott Mackin, Ekaterina Novoseltseva, and Mariano Najles; moderated by Jordi Diaz, dean of Programmes of EADA. Later during the year we’ve had visits from alumni Laila Bazahm, Nicolas Villalobos, Mario Mouraz, Joad Lopez who have joined participants in different in-house meetups or class sessions .All these sessions have covered everything from starting and funding to growthand building/retaining teams. Alumni entrepreneurs have shared their do’s & don’ts, key values and ethics of entrepreneurship in a variety of industries that range from digital ventures to more traditional “brick & mortar” models – more information about alumni ventures below.

Alumni testimonials are probably the most valuable sessions for current participants. Not only they are encouraged to debate and ask questions in a very familiar atmosphere to people who were in their place a couple of years before, they are also exposed to different set of aspirations and levels of ambition. This last aspect helps them build, as a community, a common definition of success which is not only related to your levels of achievement, but to what extent you are fulfilled with what you do in life.

More about the alumni entrepreneurs that have joined us this year:

Alberto Cabezas, Spain  –  Gauss & Neumann:

 International Master in Management, Class of 2005- Founder of Gauss & Neumann – SEM Architecture and Technologies.

Scott Mackin, USA –   Barcinno and Bourbon Media:   

International MBA, Class of 2012- Bourbon Media is a  is a digital marketing agency and Barcinno which is Barcelona’s #1 English-language tech news source.

Ekaterina Novoseltseva, Russia –  CMO at Apiumtech:

International Master in Marketing, Class of 2014- Apiumhub is a software development company.

Mariano Najles, Argentina –  Muns, Celicity and Manjares:

International MBA, Class of 2006- Founder of Las Muns, Celicity and Manjares.

Laila Bazahm:

International Master in Tourism & Hospitality Management, Class of 2016- Founder of Hawkers45 and Guerilla Dining Concepts.

Joad López:

International MBA, class of 2010- Co-Founder of Eyescream & Friends and MIU2 Investments.

Nicolás Villalobos:

International Master in Management, class of 2012- Founder of Villa Thalassa “Nostra Mar” (sea harvest).

Mario Mouraz:

International Master in Tourism & Hospitality Management, class of 2010- Founder of Climbert, Revenue Management Strategies.

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